Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ta-Da! *wiggles Monkey bottom*

We have socks! Love, love the gradient colourway. Normally, by the time I have turned the heel, I can't wait to be finished and so only do a short leg and then the cuff, but was enjoying the colourway sooo much I carried on up the Royal calves.

So, piccies

I am such a tart for self striping yarn -  and I am thrilled with these. If you have been following the blog you will know these feature the new Fish Lips Kiss Heel. Off to rummage through the stash for some more stripes . .

Saturday, July 27, 2013

We have Heels . . . or Snogging A Fish . .

As promised, I am reporting back with with the Royal progress of my socks incorporating the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I am thrilled to say they are everything they claimed to be

  • Knit cuff-down or toe-up with one simple design
  • No wraps
  • No gaps!!!
  • No maths
  • No flaps or gussets, so no picking up stitches, not even “pick up a mystery stitch somewhere in the corner, and remember to knit it away on the next round”
  • No counting!!!
I swapped in my contrast colour and after doing 2 repeat rows, whilst watching the lovely videos the pattern links to, showing the two stitches, my brain cell had memorised it and I was off. Those that know me know I have a sieve for a brain and so it has to be easy for me to pick it up quickly and it was/is. The knitting is very intuitive and you can easily see where you have to do the Fish Lips Kiss stitch - even using black as I was and doing it in the evening when the light wasn't the bestest!

So, as promised we have piccies . . .

When the sock is off the foot the stitches fold in slightly - giving the appearance of Fish Lips kissing - which is where the name came from.

The heel fits snugly on my delicate leetle feet and ankles. On the second heel, I was so into the rhythm that it only took me about 30 minutes to do and that was whilst listening to Poirot ☺ This is definitely my go-to-sock-heel for the future.

Let the choir sing!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Heel . . . and no, I don't mean the dogs

The Royal socks are progressing nicely and as I am approaching the heels, my thoughts have turned to the dreaded picking up of, general guesswork, mangling customising of the Short Row Heel. The trouble is, I like this style of heel the best, it fits my delicately turned ankles well, and yet it is always a bit of a wrangle to get them looking just 'so'. And yes, I have resorted to darning a few pesky holes closed in the past to stop them looking like a colander . . . .

So I went on the hunt yesterday and lucked upon a brand new pattern for a gorgeous, short row heel called the Fish Lips Kiss Heel - what a fantastic name!

  • Knit cuff-down or toe-up with one simple design
  • No wraps
  • No gaps!!!
  • No maths
  • No flaps or gussets, so no picking up stitches, not even “pick up a mystery stitch somewhere in the corner, and remember to knit it away on the next round”
  • No counting!!!
At this point I fainted dead away with the excitement. No wraps! No gaps! We have hit the Nirvana of short row heels . . a step-by-step pattern complete with video links and shot-by-shot-I-shall-hold-your-hand pictures! This is my type of pattern!


And all for the fantastically modest price of $1. I nearly broke the Royal fingers clicking on the Buy-It-Now button ☺ And not content with just the heel pattern, the designer has included a very easy (love that word!) step by step method on calculating how to get your foot size for socks.

So now I am excited, yes you read that right - excited to be approaching the heels . . another inch or so on each sock and I shall be there . . cue progress piccies . .

So - off to kiss a fish . . . will keep you informed ☺

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Plan B . .. .

As regular peeps will know, the urge for knitting struck this Royal Personage *dances* and I purchased some stripey yarn . .  sadly, the Post Office took 5 days to deliver it to me, even though it was posted the day after purchase, and so wanting to jump, nail down, grip the tail of the 'urge' to prevent it's escape, I had a rummage through my stash and found some stripey yarn  . . . and then I cast on . . .

So, I have a pair of socks in the making . . . the yarn is self striping with black and pink every other stripe. What makes this different though, is that the pink has been hand painted to go from deep pink to a pale pink at the end. Gradient socks.

                                                                                    So brace yourself now for the in-progress-piccie.
I decided to have the deep pink at the toe end finishing with the pale pink at the cuff - you can see from the ball the yarn is palest in the middle .. there are 4 rows of black and 3 rows of pink which looks lovely. I am knitting them on 2.50mm UK pins and cast on 32 stitches with Judy's Magic Cast On and then increased to 64.

I am doing both socks at the same time - so doing three blocks of stripes and then doing the same on the other sock - to avoid the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome, a method taught to me by the lovely Lynne Ash.

I am enjoying it very muchly so far . . . and will keep you informed as to the Royal Progress .. .. yes, in 80 degree heat, trust the Monkey to cast on a pair of socks!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Squeeeeeeee! Wriggles Monkey bottom ..

You may remember an earlier post down there - *points down* where I ambushed posted an entry to  a competition that was being run . .wearing my white pimping trouser suit, with the gold piping applique trim ..

Well yesterday was the day of the draw . . and this leetle Monkey won a prize! HuZZah . . don't know whether it was for my esoteric, sagacious, literary Blog Post my middle name is not Shakespeare for nothing or for my wonderful Mosaic *huffs on nails and preens*

I get to choose any book from Nalini's backlist which she will personally dedicate to me

THUD  . . . . . ..      *faints dead away*

How wonderful . . . the stalking of the Postie shall shortly begin . .